We are having a baby!

Hello friends!  We are having a baby!!

I decided to make part of my blog about my pregnancy not only to share my experience, which is already starting out a bit crazy, but to share any tips or ideas we have along the way!

My previous pregnancy was a terrible roller coaster and I swore I would never do it again! But God’s will shall be done! I’ve been on birth control since my last pregnancy but still ended up prego! As you can imagine, we were a little shocked to find a positive pregnancy test this time!

I am currently a little over 6 weeks along. I took my pregnancy test the day I was supposed to start my period, so we have known since I was about 4 weeks pregnant!

The past 2 weeks have already been CRAZY!  Literally, a whirlwind! God has a plan!! Not sure why mine is begining this way, but he has a plan!! I’ll post more on this soon!! So Stay tuned!

*UPDATE:  Here is the link for my CRAZY experience with this pregnancy.  They told my I was miscarrying….well, a week of thinking so, that was NOT the case!

HCG levels go down. Heartbeat!!

Here is my ultrasound at 5W6D:

Has anyone else been through a bad pregnancy and then ended up preggers again after being on birth control?! I would love to hear your story!!


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HCG levels go down. Heartbeat!!


So, this pregnancy had already started off a bit crazy! First off, being that I was on birth control we were very surprised to find out we were pregnant.  Yes, I took my pills every day at the same time and never missed a day!  I was not on any antibiotics (which cancel out the birth control) either!  So it is all a little mind blowing to begin.

Next, I called my doctor the following day to see what we needed to do next.  I was not sure how far along I was because I was on the pill.  Also, the 3 months prior to becoming pregnant, I had two periods each month.  So my cycle was a little off as it was.

The nurse that I spoke to said we needed to do blood work to see how far along I actually was.  So I went in and they took my blood to see what my HCG (pregnancy hormone) level was.  It came out to be 585.  This is a low number which means it is early pregnancy.  Two days later, I had to go back in to get the same blood work done to once again, see what my HCG levels were.  At the beginning of the pregnancy, within 48 hours, your HCG levels should DOUBLE.  Well, the second time I went in, it was a Friday, so I had to wait all weekend  to see if my levels doubled.

Come Monday, I found that my HCG levels went DOWN.  They were now at 580.  The nurse told me to “prepare for miscarriage”.  She explained I would start bleeding and how much bleeding was too much.  I have already experienced one miscarriage unfortunately, so I knew what to expect. She then scheduled an appointment for me for one week out, which was that next Monday.

Throughout that week, I stopped taking my prenatal vitamins and started back to my normal routine.  My normal routine consists of at LEAST one alcoholic beverage a night, if not more!!  I was emotional and cried all week long.  It was terrible.  Never during the week did I start bleeding, but to me that was ok because my last miscarriage I bled very little.

That following Monday, I went into the OBGYN.  I was to have an ultrasound to see if I have naturally miscarried the baby or if I was going to have to get help and schedule a D&C.  I told Derek, my other half, not to miss work for the appointment. We already went through this once before and I knew everything that was going to take place during the miscarriage.  It was not necessary for him to miss work to come to the appointment.

First the ultrasound…as soon as the tech got the ultrasound up and going her first words were, “Well there is the little heartbeat”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   RRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrTTTTTTTTTTTttttttttttttt…….WHAT?!?!?!?   Heartbeat!?!?  That’s not possible!!  I was not even looking at the monitor because like I said I have been through this and I did not want to look and get all upset.  The second the tech said that and I reacted in such surprised, she turned the monitor towards me and OF COURSE my luck, the machine shut off right then before I could see it.

Five minutes later, she got the machine back up and running.  INDEED, she was right.  There was a little person with a very fast heartbeat inside me.  WOAH.  How does this happen?!?  Here is the ultrasound picture of the heartbeat:

Heartbeat is shown at the bottom.

I then saw the OBGYN.  Again, I asked, “How does this happen”??  The doctor’s answer was, “There is no explanation for it”.  OK!  WELL……”Honey, change of plans….we are still having a baby”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has this happened to anyone else?  I just can’t describe the emotional experience I went through during this time.  A roller coaster that’s for sure!!

I’d love to hear if anyone else has experienced this!  Please comment and let me know!!



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