We are having a baby!

Hello friends!  We are having a baby!!

I decided to make part of my blog about my pregnancy not only to share my experience, which is already starting out a bit crazy, but to share any tips or ideas we have along the way!

My previous pregnancy was a terrible roller coaster and I swore I would never do it again! But God’s will shall be done! I’ve been on birth control since my last pregnancy but still ended up prego! As you can imagine, we were a little shocked to find a positive pregnancy test this time!

I am currently a little over 6 weeks along. I took my pregnancy test the day I was supposed to start my period, so we have known since I was about 4 weeks pregnant!

The past 2 weeks have already been CRAZY!  Literally, a whirlwind! God has a plan!! Not sure why mine is begining this way, but he has a plan!! I’ll post more on this soon!! So Stay tuned!

*UPDATE:  Here is the link for my CRAZY experience with this pregnancy.  They told my I was miscarrying….well, a week of thinking so, that was NOT the case!

HCG levels go down. Heartbeat!!

Here is my ultrasound at 5W6D:

Has anyone else been through a bad pregnancy and then ended up preggers again after being on birth control?! I would love to hear your story!!


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