How to prevent pregnancy stretch marks

Hello friends!  If you are anything like me, being pregnant comes with the big fear of getting stretch marks.  Most likely, genetics play their role when it comes to getting stretch marks.  If your mom has stretch marks from being pregnant, then most likely you will too.


There are ways to minimize the appearance/developmemt of stretch marks during pregnancy.

  1. Weight Gain

ANYONE, pregnant or not, that gains weight quickly is at risk of developing stretch marks.  According to WebMD, normal weight gain during pregnancy should be about 2-4 pounds during the first 3 months and then one pound a week until the baby is born.  Overall, normal weight gain for the entire pregnancy should be:

  • Average weight women:  25-35 pounds
  • Underweight women:  28-40 pounds`
  • Overweight women:  15-25 pounds

Gaining weight to fast or gaining too much weight will result in a better chance of developing stretch marks.

2.  Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Applying lotion frequently will not guarantee you to be stretch mark free, but it certainly can help.  Moisturizing your skin leaves your skin soft and reduces itching due to your skin stretching for baby.  When you find yourself wanting to scratch your bump, STOP and MOISTURIZE.

I personally recommend Gene’s Vitamin E Crème to help moisturize and eliminate itchy skin during pregnancy.  I used it in my first pregnancy and am using it currently through this one as well.  I am very blessed that I have not developed any stretch marks through my pregnancies.  I truly believe that my strong family genes’ and using Gene’s Vitamin E Crème everyday on my bump are the reasons why I have not gotten any stretch marks.

All in all, I do recommend Gene’s Vitamin E Crème to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.  Of course, like I said, there are other factors as well when it comes to getting stretch marks, but Gene’s Vitamin E Crème will definitely help!


Have you tried Gene’s Vitamin E Crème?  Or is there another crème that you have used that has worked for you?  I’d love to hear!!

Thanks friends!

Till next time!


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